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Avr 29 2021


6:15 pm - 8:00 pm

How can SMEs develop and improve their e-commerce international strategy ?

E-commerce adoption is expected to open up opportunities in new markets for SMEs and enable to access untapped customer segments. But for B2C SMEs relying on well-established business models, the successful implementation of e-commerce within their internationalization strategy requires them to transform their international business approaches.

Based on case studies of Swedish SMEs and on the results of their recent research, Dr. Emilia Rovira Nordman and Dr. Nurgül Özbek will emphasize the importance for companies to make significant well-aimed investments in relevant ressources, to master specific capabilities and to calibrate their on-line channels and marketing activities to specific foreign market settings. They will conclude by presenting three archetypal patterns of international B2C firms’ development of e-commerce.

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