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Mission Statement

Founded in 2014 by Magali Lemaistre (Executive Officer of Devexport) and by Etienne Vauchez (CEO of Export Entreprises), La Fabrique de l’Exportation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the analysis and the improvement of French export practices.

In order to change French export practices for the better we believe it’s necessary to:

  1. Upgrade the knowledge on export management ;
  2. Fight against all stereotypes related to export practices ;
  3. Propose upgrades to the French export promotion system to make it more efficient.

All our work is inspired by French and international Academic researchers; it consists in confronting the results of their research with the practice of the members, international trade professionals, and their organisations; it results in recommendations for the French international trade community. The Think Tank is independent and its only scope is to help French businesses perform better at every step on their exporting journey.


We currently work on 4 tracks of exploration

  • Foreign market entry modes: reconsidering our way of export and providing a straightforward selection method for each market. We truly believe, for instance, that sharing export, direct / indirect export and real confidence between companies are key factors of success.
  • Innovation and Internationalisation: innovative capacity and international performances go hand in hand. We explore topics such as: what kind of innovation (process, product, marketing) brings the best results on competitiveness in international markets; how to best use international market experience to inspire innovation?
  • Country of origin effects and France brand: a country brand, obviously, can make the difference at the international level, especially for SMEs who don’t have a strong own brand. Analysing good and bad stereotypes associated with the France brand helps exporters build a better marketing strategy.
  • Export promotion: optimizing export promotion is a key challenge for “La Fabrique de l’Exportation”. The issue at stake is to evaluate public and private actions with the aim of best promoting the country’s exports, its foreign trade and intensifying its economic presence abroad.

Our articles currently available in English : 

Our work is supported by sponsors, who provide us with fundings to run the Think Tank and provide grants to young researchers who want to investigate export practices in the fields listed above.

We thank BNP Paribas, Bpifrance, CGI (Confédération du Commerce de Gros et International), Cifal, Class Export, CNCCEF (Comité National des Conseillers du Commerce Extérieur de la France), Europexpo and Export Entreprises for their continuous support.

Our work is produced in French, but we welcome speakers, collaborations and contributions in English.

So if you want to contribute with your own expertise feel free to contact us !


Governance in 2017


      Etienne VAUCHEZ                 Magali LEMAISTRE                David SÉJOURNÉ                  Carlo VALLE 

Étienne Vauchez   Magali Lemaistre   David Séjourné    

Co-founder and chairman          Co-founder and treasurer              Working member                         Manager 


Scientific council:    

      Alexis CATANZARO                     Eliane KARSAKLIAN               Jean-Christophe GESSLER      Raluca MOGOS-DESCOTES


    Jean Monnet University    University of Paris 3 Sorbonne-Nouvelle  Jean Moulin Lyon III University          University of Lorraine


Advisory board:

Jérôme ARRAGON                      Stéphane BOULET                      Alexis CATANZARO                        Jean-Paul DAVID


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Jean-Christophe GESSLER         Magali LEMAISTRE                Thomas LERMITE                  François PRÉVOST 


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        David SÉJOURNÉ                             Éric TAINSH                             Étienne VAUCHEZ


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